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Diversity & Inclusiveness Commitment

Children’s Voice: CASA, Inc. recognizes that creating a diverse and inclusive organization is a means toward creation of a more effective and more powerful voice for children in foster care. We strive for an organization that reflects the demographics of our community and of the children we serve. We also work to ensure that everyone who wishes to serve children, no matter their cultural, educational, ethnic or socioeconomic background, is welcome and is empowered with knowledge and experiences to be confident and competent in helping children and families from backgrounds different than their own. 

Our need for committed volunteers is critical and constant. In particular, as we hope to engage our entire community in speaking up for children, we look for opportunities to recruit volunteers from volunteers who are men, the Latino community and volunteers who are bilingual, especially in Spanish and English. 

Though we are making very intentional efforts to recruit from among the above populations, we ask that everyone consider standing up for a child who needs you most. To us, the most important quality of all in a prospective CASA volunteer is a commitment to making the future better for a child in need. For this reason, we are deeply appreciative of all of our current and past volunteers. 

Children’s Voice: CASA, Inc.’s commitment to equal opportunity is an important part of our core values. In order to provide the best quality advocacy for children in our community, we believe that we must be responsive to the needs of everyone who may receive or be affected by our services. To that end, our policies, practices and recommendations are administered without discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender, gender identity and gender expression, marital status, physical abilities, immigration status, ancestry or national origin. 

Of course, policies mean little if you aren't committed to ensuring they are enforced. If you are a child, youth or family member that has received or been affected by our services and feel that you have experienced discrimination, you can file a complaint through our Contact Us page.